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In 2004, I enlisted in the United States Air Force as an Operations Manager where I quickly began to realize the critical importance of possessing effective leadership skills and knowing how and when they are to be utilized on the daily basis, rather it be in a peaceful and organized environment or a high-stress, time-sensitive operation.  Having been subjected to various professional challenges and adversities, the one consistent element of coming out stonger and more capable on the other side has always come down to the effectiveness of the leaders charged with the responsibility of navigating the storm, which is why Human Capital Investment has become a passion for me.

While serving in various managerial roles, I’ve found myself in the position of responsibility to lead peers, subordinates, and often times those senior to me; through the planning and controlling of production output in a services related industry, as well as serving on the front line of driving measurable process and key performance indicator improvements in the logistics and distribution industry.  During my time as a Training and Development Director, I was able to refine my professional skills and abilities by focusing on the art of influence through the display of consistent actions and communications regardless of the pressures surrounding the task at hand or the information that was to be transmitted to those who were entrusted under my leadership.  Through these experiences, I have developed a passion for coaching, mentoring and developing talent to embrace their internal leadership abilities and qualities, which has led me to this stage of my professional journey.



Management Consultant                                                       December 2018 – Present

The Powers Company, Gainesville, GA

  • Conducted two week analysis for global water-soluble polymer manufacturing company responsible for servicing municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment markets
  • Identified barriers and removal strategy associated with plant equipment downtime, maintenance response time and all processes related to the management of maintenance activities
  • Secured project by Contributing vital input to the project approach proposal and analysis report
  • Crafted key event schedule for SAP data input and management integrity, work order planning enhancement, plant equipment cataloguing, employee skills and training improvement, parts acquisition and management integrity and KPI measurement identification and implementation
  • Partnered with maintenance supervisors to assess the skills competencies of the dual-contracted workforces consisting of electricians (union-based), mechanics, welders, pipefitters, and helpers
  • Developed approach strategy and led equipment cataloguing efforts to improve the definition level of SAP functional locations and associated bill of materials, improve the mean time to repair, identify and correct disparities between on-hand equipment verses equipment identified on the plant design schematics, assign part numbers and tag identifiers to all equipment assets, and reduce the backlog/develop a ready backlog

Management Consultant                                                        July 2018 – December 2018

Dewolf, Boberg & Associates, Dallas, TX

  • Joined project team for a global leader in metals recycling in week 5 of 24
  • Partnered directly with 3 executive clients to focus on improving machine availability, ferrous and nonferrous metal sortation, metal loss reduction and employee engagement and development
  • Identified maintenance planning process gaps and crafted/implemented tailored management operating system resulting in annualized savings of $4.9 million
  • Developed and facilitated client-led roles and responsibilities workshop to establish clear interdepartmental performance expectations/accountability measures for seamless operations
  • Partnered with union workforce to extract tribal knowledge to develop comprehensive training program focused on emergency maintenance repair, and preventive/predictive maintenance actions

Distribution Center Manager                                                   November 2016 – June 2018

Clipper Corporation, McDonough, GA

Served as general manager of 159K square feet 3rd party pick/pack distribution center with P&L responsibilities, 410k annual merchandise picks, 36K small parcel deliveries and 1,200 LTL shipments

  • Managed and distributed uniform and food service solutions valued at $2.6 million on the behalf of 108 customers, including Amazon, UPS, Sam’s Club, Winn-Dixie, and Smoothie King
  • Managed daily parcel shipping and over-the-road transportation coordination, quality and accuracy assurance, inventory receiving, & machine and equipment maintenance operations
  • Established and sustained strategic partnerships with travel management agencies to ensure cost effective logistical coordination resulting in a 25% transportation cost cut from the annual budget
  • Maintained HR responsibilities to include state and federal policy adherence associated with recruiting, selecting, training and developing, scheduling, evaluating and retaining workforce.
  • Developed and implemented hands-on employee engagement and training/development approach that reduced staffing requirements by 57% while increasing employee retention by 82%
  • Crafted and instituted warehouse layout and flow design process improvements resulting in a 35% storage capacity increase, cycle count time reduction of 75%, and 60% picking standard increase
  • Initiated daily and weekly performance based employee recognition/team meeting program resulting in a 50% production time cut and outbound orders increase of 25%

Warehouse Logistics Manager                                                 November 2014 – July 2016

Macy’s Logistics & Operations, Miami, FL

Oversaw largest distribution warehouse department responsible for the accurate and quality-based storage of furniture and bedding inventory, and customer order fulfillment accomplished through merchandise picking via forklift.

  • Managed storage, quality, accountability and transportation of 30 thousand pieces of furniture and bedding inventory valued at $5.5 million in a 650,000 square feet warehouse
  • Ensured order fulfillment of 200,000 annual merchandise picks and 86,000 customer deliveries
  • Increased annual employee engagement score 47%, led 9 direct reports to warehouse associate of the month recognition, 3 annual award winners, and 2 performance based promotions

Project Manager                                                                     September 2010 – September 2014

United States Air Force, Panama City, FL

Managed all facility management activities associated with mission sustainment to include maintenance and repair identification, execution tracking, small and large scale project coordination, and ensuring budgetary adherance.

  • Served as site manager for 1,200 acre training compound valued at $2.2 million directly responsible for the maintenance upkeep and construction contract execution of 109 facilities
  • Coordinated contractual requirements $4 million of small and large scale construction projects and served as QA Representative ensuring full contractual adherence and compliance
  • Slashed $62 thousand custodial and floor maintenance budget by 20% after auditing contractual requirements and identifying 9 outdated and/or redundant components

Maintenance Production Manager                                         August 2009 – September 2010

United States Air Force, Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Coordinated all facets of infrastructural maintenance repair to include work order notification receipt, categorization, prioritization, planning, scheduling and exectuion.

  • Managed $3.5 million maintenance budget responsible for the execution of direct scheduled maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance and minor/major construction in 1,600 facilities
  • Directed dispatch and active tracking of fire and emergency services, HVAC, electrical, and infrastructural first responders during critical recovery operations to ensure mission sustainment
  • Oversaw the Air Force’s largest overseas Facility Management program responsible for 1,100 FM’s

Emergency Response & Recovery Manager September 2004 – September 2014

United States Air Force

Coordinated disaster response and crisis management activities, to include the activation and management of command and control centers in accordance with National Incident Management System stadards.  Received, prioritized and controlled work requirement and emergency response following natural and hazardous disasters, wartime and crisis events.  Maintained resource accountability to include manpower, materials, equipment, etc.

  • Coordinated development of Shelter in Place program responsible for 5 work-centers; trained 55 employees on program details thereby ensuring personnel and equipment security during 6 natural disaster incidents.
  • Advised EOC Director and ensured emergency recovery actions in response to an operationally crippling flash flood; restored 100% wartime mission capability for 178 facilities within 12 hours.
  • Authored centralized command post emergency response checklist; ensured seamless joint interoperability and response between 17 nations, safeguarded 20,000 service members and $45,000,000 in infrastructure.